"Scivolano maestosi, su praterie verdeggianti e attraverso foreste di giada. In banchi lucenti, danzano ai ritmi della vita, portando pace e meraviglia a tutti coloro che osservano. Dentro questo scenario acquatico, c'è un mondo".

Impossibile rimanere indifferenti alla travolgente bellezza di un acquario naturale. Subito si è avvolti dal senso di calma e pace che trasmette. Scaturisce il desiderio di replicare, tra i vetri di una vasca, la meraviglia della natura. Questi sono i miei tentativi...

19 ottobre 2011

I got my hardscape...

I finally composed the hardscape. It will be a classic rocks arrangement with lot of Emianthus Callitrichoides and some cosmetic sand for the shore. The rocks are collected on the mountains in this beautiful scenery:

Below some others compositions I did

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  1. hi,.baby tears grows was fine.
    but the dificuties are about exeeding algae in it.could you tell me how to destroy these Algaes .after all what is your views about my tank.
    your sincerly,Arvin.
    Size:50X30X45 cm
    aquvariom 67 litr..Lighting:3X (2XFluorescent lamp t8 18w (10000k(white)+2700k(pink)+t8 biolux osram 18 w)+CO2:1 or 2 b/s
    Substrate: JBL aquabasis & JBL monado
    Fertilization: kent pro
    Filter: Aquaclear 25


  2. Not sure about your total light amount (6x18W?) seems really too much for me.
    Same for pink light. What about water changes?

  3. hi
    no, only I use 3 Fluorescent lamp t8 .one 10000k 18w+one 2700 18w pink+ 6500k biolux osram 18w
    .and i change the water 25% evry week . but by those information algae has been increased.after all
    what is your opinion abut the arragement of my tank

  4. I don't like too much "landscape" in water. Anyway the tree seems too strong and too much on the left.
    Maybe you can try to put more work on right side too...

  5. Ho letto il tuo commento in italiano. Ottimo!

  6. I saw your tank on The Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2011. I really liked it. How are you made this glow? It is beautiful!

  7. Thank you Marlinsky

    I moved the water surface with hair-dryer and put the Hqi 150W light really close to it (about 5-10 cm.)